Smartphonerepairwi POLICY for Smartphone, ipod & Tablet Repair

Smartphonerepairwi will not be held liable for issues due to client negligence. Smartphonerepairwi will not be held liable for any issues occurring during repair process. Smartphonerepairwi is authorized to photograph before/after of device as evidence to prevent misinterpretations by client. Smartphonerepairwi not responsible if inner screen (LCD) is damaged when removing outer screen. Always a risk involved when repairing cracked screens. Smartphonerepairwi not responsible if replacement screen lifts away from frame due to damaged frame. Smartphonerepairwi highly recommends damaged frame to be replaced in order for replacement screen to fit correctly otherwise damaged frame will pressure replacement screen & Cause replacement screen to lift away from frame. Smartphonerepairwi has no control over cellular services such as voice, data, signal strength, apps etc , Contact your service provider. Smartphonerepairwi cannot be responsible for software or hardware corruption or failure due to electrical black / brown outs or power failures. Smartphonerepairwi strongly recommends the use of a surge bar or a UPS System.

Smartphonerepairwi lets clients bring their own replacement parts for labor only services. Smartphonerepairwi accepts broken devices towards a repair. Smartphonerepairwi highly recommends a protective case. Data backup is client responsibility. Data corruption is not Smartphonerepairwi fault. Internal/External issues with device is not Smartphonerepairwi responsibility. Software issues are client responsibility. If slow or frozen device after replacement part is put back on is client control & Smartphonerepairwi is not responsible for that. Smartphonerepairwi will ask for pin/screen lock code for testing purposes only. When performing the repair we will only test camera, microphone or other various functions. Smartphonerepairwi will not access personal folders, apps on the device. Customized devices require a deposit. Customized devices will void your warranty. Software modifications, hardware color changes will void your manufacturer warranty. Smartphonerepairwi not responsible if original manufacturer refuses to service device.

Unsatisfied clients have 24hrs from initial pickup to request a refund. (Replacement part must be in working order otherwise, Smartphonerepairwi will issue no refund. A labor fee will get deducted from refund & Old defective part will get installed back onto device.

90 day warranty for replacement parts. (PHYSICAL OR WATER DAMAGE VOIDS WARRANTY) No warranty for exchanging broken devices towards a repair. No warranty for labor only services. No warranty on sold devices. No returns on sold devices. Client is buying as is.

If device is not picked up after 10 days. Client will forfeit their device to Smartphonerepairwi. Client must pay full amount to services done otherwise a fee of $2 a day will get imposed or have 10 days from initial drop off date to pay otherwise Smartphonerepairwi has all the right to sell the device/keep the device in order to collect the payment for work performed.

Smartphonerepairwi POLICY for Computer Repair

If client is not satisfied. Client must contact Smartphonerepairwi within 24hrs After that its not Smartphonerepairwi responsibility. If Smartphonerepairwi find more damage done to computer after it has left Smartphonerepairwi we will do a diagnosis only. Any damage done by client once it leaves Smartphonerepairwi is not our responsibility. Free 7 day support after it leaves our shop. After that its user responsibility. (Warranty) Smartphonerepairwi doesn't give out warranties on used, repaired computers. The following items are non-returnable and only carry a manufacturer’s warranty: Processors, Main Boards, Media (USB Drives, CD’s, DVD’s) Any signs of physical damage will void all warranties New computers have manufacturer's warranties. Initiation & use of said warranty is the responsibility of the customer & thereby not in any way that of Smartphonerepairwi. Unless otherwise stated, new computer systems which include internal & external computer parts have a 1 year Warranty on parts and labor. (All deposits on systems are non-refundable), Monitors: As per Manufacturer’s Warranty, (Smartphonerepairwi does not directly warranty monitors) Software: As per Manufacturer’s Warranty, (Smartphonerepairwi does not warranty software) Remaining warranty with the manufacturer, Other products: Manufacturer warranty only, unless otherwise stated Warranty does not cover tampering or modification of any cables or hardware inside the computer. Opening the system case while in warranty period may void all warranties. Hardware failures due to negligence, exposure to moisture, improper use, acts of omission or physical damage are disqualified. Software issues including viruses, application misconfiguration or operating system errors are not covered under our warranty.Virus, Spyware Re-infection cannot be anticipated by Smartphonerepairwi and is never warrantied. Unless otherwise stated, all warranties are Manufacturer’s Warranty. (Data Backup) Data (Files, Folders, Programs & Software) are the sole responsibility of client. We highly recommend that your system be backed up prior to repair work. Due to the uncertain condition of system at time of check-in and the nature of repairs SMARTPHONEREPAIRWI CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA LOSS OR INTEGRITY. SMARTPHONEREPAIRWI will not retain any backups made once it leaves our shop, after which data will be destroyed for confidentiality reasons. Smartphonerepairwi cannot be responsible for software or hardware corruption or loss due to a computer virus. Smartphonerepairwi recommends the use of antivirus and anti malware/spyware software.
(Power Backup) Smartphonerepairwi cannot be responsible for software or hardware corruption or failure due to electrical black / brown outs or power failures. Smartphonerepairwi strongly recommends the use of a surge bar or a UPS System. (Abandoned Computer Policy) On New Computer Builds, a 80% deposit is required to allow for monetary recovery through sales should the newly built PC be abandoned. Smartphonerepairwi asks that clients pick up their system within 1 week of completion, unless prior agreements are made. Computer left for longer periods may be charged a storage fee of $2/day. 30 days after completion of the work, if the system has not been picked up, Smartphonerepairwi reserves the right to dispose of the system without client consent.


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