Computer Diagnosis

Free Computer DiagnosisProfessionally analyze and determine computer problems in Microsoft, and Android based products! Security/Privacy Protection – Racine Free computer diagnostic check up.

We will run a free vulnerability test to see if you have any security gaps on your computer.

We have the computer diagnostic tools and the latest knowledge to get your computer running fast and efficiently again. Before you throw out your “dead” computer or try to make risky repairs yourself, call one of the local pros.
Tony computec will provide a thorough diagnostic checkup of your computer and pinpoint its problems. Whether a faulty power supply, a fried motherboard, malfunctioning hard drive, or a software issue, get your equipment tested and replace failed components to get your computer up to speed.

Free Computer Diagnosis

Expect a fair, honest assessments of your computer repair needs, whether you bring in your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile computer, or cell phones for repairs. Computer virus removal experts have the latest software to rid your system of the toughest viruses, malware and spyware that can damage your computer and even steal your personal information, and then take additional steps, such as installing anti-virus software, to protect your system against future attacks.
Diagnosing and solving laptop repair issues, such as the inability to start up, a battery that no longer charges, blank screen, or failed wireless connection can also be easily repaired, whether your laptop’s been dropped or just stopped working.

After running the brief test we will discuss the results and answer your questions.

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