Custom Built Computers: Laptops & Desktops

custom built computersOur PC computer upgrades allow you to keep your current computer and achieve your required level of performance. Tony Comuptec Racine computer repair and upgrade technicians will evaluate your current computer, your computing needs, diagnose and upgrade.

Tony Computec will even upgrade computers with the premium components used in our custom built computers to achieve your required results. Tony Computed is the custom built home and personal computer solution for Racine and Kenosha Wisconsin.

We use the highest quality computer components in all our new custom built computers to keep them running seamlessly for years. We will help you pick a custom computer assembly perfect for your needs.

PC custom built serviceWhen you take up a new hobby, like video editing, instead of getting a whole new computer, a simple RAM upgrade may be all you need to keep your computer working well. At Tony Computec, we offer a huge variety of new and used computer parts in to suit every technology need and every tight budget.

We offer custom build computers to fit your needs. Our expert technicians will assess your computer needs both usability and budget to find you the best computer solution. If your computer needs a single part upgrade, we have the quality computer part and expert technicians to get your computer up and running again. If you are looking to purchase a new computer, our technicians can help find the perfect laptop for your needs or custom build your ideal desktop.

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